What to expect in worship

gathering spaceAs our guest on Sunday morning, you should expect to be welcomed into a warm worship community. 

Parking: Generally, many of the spots in the parking lot are reserved (with names) or left for those with mobility challenges. Feel free to use unreserved spots if needed, or park along 80th or Meinecke Ave.


Attire / Beverages: Come as you are. Bring your travel mug with to refill after the worship service with fair trade coffee or tea and join in conversation. 


Worship Service: Typically worship/service/worship service (terms used interchangeably) lasts about 50 minutes. We sing songs, read stories and excerpts from Christian scriptures, hear a teaching/sermon and offer prayers and gifts. Kids are welcome to participate as kids do – with wiggles and giggles. Complementary child care is provided, if you’d prefer in the "Crib Room."

On the first Sunday of the month: We gather around Christ’s table and share communion. This is a remembrance of Jesus’ last supper with his disciples. Everyone may participate by consuming a small chunk of gluten-free bread and cup of juice as you feel comfortable. We also “extend the table” to Tosa Food Pantry through gifts of non-perishable food and you are welcome to join us in this blessing. We welcome a sign language interpreter to enhance the worship experience to include all of God’s children.

Additional Information: 
Greeters/Ushers (cheerful people near the door) and the Welcome Center (small counter in the Gathering Space) are great places to ask questions, gather more information, or borrow listening devices or large print materials.