Deacons & Elders


Deacons work in ministry with other church members to show God’s love in the world. Sunday duties include coffee fellowship, communion preparation, ushering and delivering flowers. 

Class of 2017
TEAM A: Jeff Coleman, Pat Klemmer, Marc Raygoza (Captain), Jeff Sherry, Larry Vaughan, Mary Catherine McMahon 
TEAM B: Laura Holveck, Theresa Maatman, Carrie Streiff-Steussy, Jayden Benedek

Class of 2018
TEAM A: Sharon Ainsworth, Bonnie Strigenz, Karl Strigenz, Traci Niss (co-moderator), Bob Wall
TEAM B: Holly Dobson, James Holveck, Bob Krick

Class of 2019

TEAM A: Jeff Homar, John Breunissen (co-moderator), Elizabeth Bargren (secretary) 
TEAM B: Lee Alzalde, Doug Hamsher (Captain), Tania Nilles, Peggy Paar, Cathy Caughey, Bill Benedek 


Ruling Elders are called, elected by the congregation and ordained to serve as leaders on the Session. They are responsible for overseeing all aspects of congregational life and ministry. The pastor of the congregation serves as the Moderator of the Session. 

Clerk of Session: Larry Hanlon

Adult Enrichment: Laura Riggle
Building & Grounds: Wayne Franke & Leroy Stoner 
Christian Education: Susan Kilhefner
Fellowship: Anne Coulling & Chris Bauer
Finance: Mike Van Someren 
Memorial: Matt Boyd
Mission: Linda Sheridan 
Membership: Angela Oglesby 
Nominating: Mark VanderKinter 
Personnel: Paul Bargren
Stewardship: Mike Flanders
Worship: Heidi Hudson-Mairet